Nurse Practitioners and Registered Nurses find preceptors in every specialty.


Finding a preceptor is

  • Difficult
  • Time consuming
  • Unprofessional Process
  • An Inconvenience to Nursing Students
  • A Hassle for medical providers

Nursing Students are expected to

  • Knock on doors
  • Make cold calls
  • Beg and plead for nurses and nurse practitioners to accept them

Some students who are unable to find a mentor

  • Have their graduation withheld
  • Are unable to pass their course
  • Do NOT get a refund for classes they are enrolled in
  • Spend up to 1-3 extra semesters in school because they are unable to finish their clinical rotations

Providers have voiced their concerns directly to the owner. They stated

  • “We need to be compensated for our services”
  • “Students from all over are randomly popping up begging for us to take them
  • “I cannot accept 3 or 4 students at a time. It is not fair for those students to learn”

Preceptor World can

  • Find mentors in your area who are eager and willing to accept students
  • Has a pool of many providers ready to accept nursing students
  • Consistently pair nursing students with strong mentor for a rewarding clinical rotation

Nursing students will

  • Save time
  • Save energy
  • Find a provider
  • Pass their clinical rotation and graduate on time


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Thank you for creating a service that attempts to solve the many issues going on in the nursing profession. ALthough I did enjoy my interaction with The Great Nurse, I just find it hard to believe that we have to pay for these services. Again, I am not complaining at the site, I am upset that the nursing schools have failed us so much. I paid so much in tuition for them to tellme to go out and find my own preceptor. anyway. Thank you for getting me through NP school


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Although I was matched, I still had to drive about 45 minutes to my clinical site. Were you not able to find anything closer? My preceptor was nice, I just wish I had a closer site